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Information and Resources

The following list of excellent Nyungar resources is certainly not a comprehensive list, but we hope you enjoy them and hope they give you greater insight into our Nyungar culture and history from a Nyungar perspective. 

Nyungar Placenames

icon Nyungar Placenames Introduction (85596 KB)


Len Collard - Spirit of Fremantle

'spirit of fremantle' from Linda Blagg on Vimeo.

nguny waalwalbaliny nitja katajin boodjera kwel, yiye mila boordawan

nguny waalwalbaliny nitja katajin boodjera kwel, yiye mila boordawan from Linda Blagg on Vimeo.

2013 South West Celebration Aboriginal Place Names

IATSIS Len Collard - cultural mapping in South Western Australia

Len Collard (30/04/12) from AIATSIS on Vimeo.

This city is WADJUK COUNTRY.

icon Whadjuk Trail Map (2093 KB)

House of Spider or no Brunette? - Nyungar scholar sets record straight 

icon House of Spiders (170 KB)

Setting the record straight on Nyungar South West place names

The brochure "Understanding the connection of the local Aboriginal Nyungar people to the Perth Swan River" gives an overview of areas such as Boodjargabbeelup and Kakaroomup.

icon Understand the connection of the local Aboriginal Nyungar people to the Swan River (1529 KB)

Nyungar Boodjera Wangkiny (The People’s Land is Speaking): Nyungar Place Nomenclature of the Southwest of Western Australia.  Nyungar names of the boodjar or land in the southwest of Australia and their interpretations 

icon Nyungar Boodjera Wangkiny (502 KB)

Nyungar Wardan Katitjin Bidi – Derbal Nara - Kaya … Welcome! Let's go for a walk down to the Wardan Gepa Boodjaralup at Derbal Nara – the sea shore at Cockburn Sound. We would like to lead you along a katitjin bidi – a knowledge trail. http://www.derbalnara.org.au/index.htm (People’s Ocean Knowledge Trail of Cockburn Sound & Districts).

‘Ngulluck Katitj Wah Koorl Koorliny/ Us mob going along learning to research together’: Drawing on Action Research to develop a literature review on Indigenous gendered health and wellbeing.

icon ‘Ngulluck Katitj Wah Koorl Koorliny/ Us mob going along learning to research together’ (1006 KB)

Indigenous expert Professor Len Collard has made ground-breaking research and set the record straight when it comes to defining the meaning of hundreds of place names derived from the Nyungar language.  Nyungar Placenames

Helping Perth City Council produce a new tourist map to point people to WA’s indigenous history. 

icon Article about Point Fraser (628 KB)

The Southwest of Australia is unique as it has the largest share of preserved Indigenous names and more than 50% of the currently used place names are of Aboriginal, namely Nyungar origin (Goodchild, 2011).

icon Presentation SOAC (2706 KB)

Linguistic report on the Single Noongar Native Title Claim
Nicholas Thieberger - November 2004
This report has been produced for the purpose of legal advice and/ or litigation. Permission has been granted by the SWALSC for this document to be released (26/2/2010). This document is a slightly edited version of the expert report of 2004. No attachments are included in this version. Note: Use with care. This document includes quotations from unpublished sources.

icon Linguistic Report on the SIngle Noongar Native Title Claim (1136 KB)

Fighting for Families, Country, Rights and Recognition.  Perth has always been a meeting place, before the wedjela (white people) arrived in 1829.  Noongar would meet in various camps to eat, trade, talk and be together.

icon Fights for Families, Country, Rights and Recognition (1172 KB)



Connection to Country  is published by Southwest Aboriginal Land and Sea Council.  "In this booklet we explain who we Noongar are and we explain ‘Noongar Country.’ We also present a brief history of our struggle to assert our rights. We acknowledge our Noongar ancestors and the Noongar people who have struggled to assert our rights and gain recognition of our people."  Glen Kelly, CEO – South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council.

Noongar Protocols - Welcome to Country is published by the Southwest Aboriginal Land and Sea Council. "Noongar people’s country covers the entire south-western portion of Western Australia. Archaeological evidence establishes that the Noongar people – alternative spellings: Nyungar/Nyoongar/Nyoongah/Nyungah/Nyugah and Yunga – have lived in the area and had possession of tracts of land on their country for at least 45,000 years."
The book outlines a guide to Noongar Protocols and a Welcome to Country.

Beeliar Boodjar: an introduction to Aboriginal history in the City of Cockburn, Western Australia. 

NYUNGAR BUDJARA WANGANY NYUNGAR NRM WORDLIST & LANGUAGE COLLECTION BOOKLET OF THE AVON CATCHMENT REGION - "We encourage the use of the language to promote Nyungar engagement in natural resource management and to demonstrate intimate Nyungar knowledge (Katadjin) of their traditional lands (Budjar) and its biodiversity. We want to promote our words, our names and our places across this region and we would like to work with all people to better care for our Budjar." This was the sentiment shared by all Elders who contributed to this work.


Wanju Wanju Kaartdijin Noongar - Welcome to Noongar Knowledge

"Kaartdijin in Noongar means 'knowledge'. Noongar people have lived in the south-west of Western Australia for more than 45,000 years. The aim of the Kaartdijin website is to share the richness of our knowledge, culture and history in order to strengthen our community and promote wider understanding."  http://www.noongarculture.org.au/