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School of Indigenous Studies UWA

School of Indigenous Studies University of Western Australia

Univervity of Western Australia

The School of Indigenous Studies has extensive experience in offering high quality preparatory courses for Aboriginal and Islander people. The School assists Indigenous students to gain entry to all undergraduate degrees at UWA through the Provisional Entry Scheme and also through successful completion of the Aboriginal Orientation Course.

The School of Indigenous Studies also offers the preparatory UWA Smart Start course on the Albany campus.

Up until 2011, two intensive preparatory courses prepared students for entry to Law (Aboriginal Pre-Law Program) and Medicine, Dentistry and Podiatry (Aboriginal Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Program). As the University of Western Australia underwent a restructure in 2011, most of the professional courses have become postgraduate degrees and so, these preparatory courses are no longer available. The School of Indigenous Studies has introduced two new entry pathways:

  1. the Advanced Diploma of Indigenous Legal Studies (ADILS) for entrance to the Postgraduate Law course (Juris Doctor).
  2. the Advanced Diploma in Medical and Aboriginal Health Sciences (ADMAHS) for entrance to the postgraduate medical course (Doctor of Medicine) and Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Medicine).
In 2013, the Advanced Diploma in Indigenous Legal Studies was first offered, providing an avenue for mature age students interested in Law to prepare for the JD. Similarly, in 2014 the Advanced Diploma in Medical and Aboriginal Health Science was offered to prepare mature age students to prepare for postgraduate degrees in Medicine, Dentistry and other professional health courses.