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Nyungar Language Group: Pibelman

Nyungar Placename

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Landgate Database
Feature Class

Manjimup Manjimup  



Manjimup as man - ji - mup are

mandee - ji - up or mandeegurra - ji - gup or

mandeegurr - gee - up or

mandakin - gee gup or

man-dig-ga-ra - gee - gup or

mandager norba - gee gup or d

emmanger - ji - up or

maam yog - ji - gup or

marm - gee - gup or

manjahly - gee - gup or

maandee murnong - ji - gup or

mandjar - ji - up or

mandeegurr - ji - gup or man-da - gee - gup

means an inhabitant of this place. It's a special place in the bush where people collectively meet and a trade or exchange-like meeting occurs. Families of people gather where kinship and in-law making matters take place. This is where mothers, fathers, old and young people alike get together. It is here where young men and women and future in-laws look out for those who have come of age. This is where they will want to meet the strangers who will become their future husbands and wives as they move into adulthood.